GP Green Recycling

GP Green Recycling is a family owned and managed recycling facility in the heart of South Lanarkshire. It was born from the desire to recycle the green waste from our sister company, GP Plantscape, an interior and exterior landscaping company and has grown from there. Founded in 2003 they have invested in developing the composting facility to process combined food and garden waste in an In Vessel process as well as maintaining a green waste only recycling process.


As part of the GP Green Recycling brand refresh we worked meticulously at refining the current GP logo. We introduced a consistent line weight, curves and added a subtle depth to the initials which helped give the logo some much needed impact. We took the opportunity to update the brand’s typography to give a strong anchor to the logo marque with a contrasting, condensed typeface.

Kieran Reilly - Senior Graphic Designer

The GP Green Recycling website has a very clean and user friendly presentation with a very well made homepage video that shows off all that GP Green Recycling does. The website has plenty of room for expansion and can handle a wide range of content to fit their business requirements. The project was very fun to work on and presented its own unique challenges and problems but now GP has a stunning website that shows off what they do best.

Bryan Davis - Senior Web Developer

Our Work

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